“Jesus the Rock Missions” has it’s beginning in 1997 after Mr. Wiebe van der Heide visited an East London Township while being a crewmember onboard the Anastasis. (The Anastasis was a medical ship providing free medical care to underprivileged communities.) After his visit to this township he prayed for the many children he had met and believed that God wanted him to father them. His vision then became to live with the residents of Mzamom’Hle, an East London township, to show them God’s love and compassion.

In August 1997 he left his home country The Netherlands and went to live in Mzamom’Hle. At first he lived in a little shack, but soon had his own hut built. Many children came to visit and various activities and outings were organized for these children.

Wiebe lived in the township from August 1997 till April 2001.

From July 2001 onwards Wiebe continued the work together with his wife Simone. They went to live in a farmhouse right next to the Township which was rented from the Buffalo City Municipality. There they started a Youth Centre called “Beautiful Promises”. At this Centre various activities were done such as sports, computer lessons, basic English lessons, singing, fun games, drawing/painting, etc. Discussing Christian and social topics were part of the programs also visiting various cultural locations.

Contact with the parents of the children and in general all residents of Mzamom’hle were maintained.

In the year 2004 Wiebe and Simone rounded off their work and in May of that year returned to The Netherlands. During their time in the Netherlands, South Africa and the Township residents stayed on their minds. In October 2005 they decided in prayer to prepare returning to South Africa and to Mzamom’Hle, to continue the work with the residents.

After Wiebe and his family had returned to Gonubie, South Africa, in October 2006, they were warmly welcomed by the Mzamom’Hle community. Their plans were discussed with the Council of Mzamom’Hle. The farmhouse used during the first period was unavailable and so they rented an apartment to live in close to the township. None of the activities could take place there but were done elsewhere.

first home
second home

…the God and Father…comforts us in all our troubles so we can comfort those who are in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. (2Cor. 1:4)